Inspired Fun Coach – Lori Cloninger Sweeney

Thinking 20/20 for the New Year

I should come up with a clever newsletter name, but I’m resting on my “git ‘er done” tenet and just sending a simple update to folks to begin the new year. I hope 2015 is off to a good start for you!

I’m looking forward to February’s WVDO conference where I’m presenting on “When and How to Stop Cultivating Donors,” a 90-minute session for fundraisers about how to focus your donor moves and actions with prospects who have the best chance for a major gift and say a thoughtful and gracious “goodbye” when it’s best to stop cultivating a prospect. This will be an interactive session with case studies. Together with my other passions for stewardship, creative cultivation and asking for a bequest, this is one of those areas about which I spout, both with experience and, I hope, humor.  And, in this case, I threw in a little music since “breaking up is hard to do!” lalala.

Thought to Ponder: I’ve been thinking 20/20 in the new year, trying to get a sense of balance and a flatter stomach, not to mention coping with my progressive lenses. I’ve found it refreshing and motivating to think of life in 20s, as in 20 minutes of cleaning a day, 20 minutes of sustained exercise, 20 days between dates with my husband, 20 minutes of yoga several times a week, 20 good outfits instead of a closet crammed with things I don’t wear. At least I can think of myself as “visionary”! (Please say you ‘get it’!?)

I hope you are thinking ahead to a good year too! Have a good Q1; let me know if I can help your organization with a presentation or coaching later in the spring (I’m teaching in WVDO’s PSU certification program beginning February 2 for three months, in between presentations in January and February and coaching some awesome up-and-coming fundraisers!).