Inspired Fun Coach – Lori Cloninger Sweeney

Coaching and Presentations

Lori really enjoys teaching, coaching and presenting on fundraising, whether outlining how to make an ask or helping a board understand their fundraising role or brainstorming creative cultivation.

You can access Lori’s expertise via one-to-one, personalized coaching or through training presentations for a group or organization. Each presentation is personalized for the client, emphasizing a particular area of interest, whether ask role plays or the tools of fundraising from a development officer’s perspective.

For presentations, Lori talks with the client leadership about needs and timing and outlines a plan that fits the organization or group. Presentation attendees are asked to read beforehand, prepare for the presentation and often complete action steps afterward. The presentations are interactive and work best with small to medium-sized groups (Lori also presents for conferences if needed, but the presentations are less personalized). A summary meeting after the presentation ensures that the tools discussed are put in action and how the leaders might measure fundraising activity through effective metrics. The best way to start a conversation about a presentation? Contact Lori at 503.260.7129 or email her via the contact link.

A typical coaching experience is outlined below, beginning with a 30-minute introductory meeting where the client and Lori decide if values, process and outcomes align to make a meaningful partnership. Afterward, a contract is drawn up outlining needs and expectations; typical coaching engagements are approximately $1,200 per contract.

Lori Sweeney - Coaching Schematic